Musicians Who Care – Progress

Much progress is being made with the “Musicians Who Care” CDs featuring classmates from Oberlin Conservatory, ’73-’75. I am hoping that SOHP will produce 3 CDs from this one project:
1) a general soothing CD for hospice, nursing homes, hospitals, those in need and their families
2) a more somber CD for a possible partnership with funeral homes
3) an all trombone ensemble CD in honor of Mr. Thomas Cramer, former trombone professor at Oberlin, who passed away last year.
This CD will also fit the first category of comforting and uplifting music for those in need. Many emails have been sent back and forth to the performers, Greer Ellison, Deborah DeWolf Emery, Betty Hunter Shultz, Paul S. Reed, Andrew Trechak, Jean Hansen Hein, Karen (Paul) Utgoff, Martha Rohrbaugh Vivona, and many trombone players, the alumni association, our pro bono lawyer, Christina Moser of Baker Hostetler LLP, Oberlin Conservatory Dean, David Stull, and Mrs. Cramer concerning contracts, bio info, general questions, etc. I am keeping a daily log of activities and time spent on what has turned out to be a massive project. It’s so exciting that the Oberlin classmates involved in this project were so willing to donate their performances to this worthwhile project.