How Jennings Center Uses SOHP CDs

According to Kathy LiPuma, Program Coordinator, this is how the Jennings Center has used SOHP CDs:

  • Keys to Peace                   Used with clients in rehab/skilled unit
  • Sounds of Hope                Used for one-on-one pastoral care and for a small massage
  • Hope for the Spirit           Used for one-on-one pastoral
  • Whispers of Hope             Used for Tai Chi class, relaxation massage, one-on-one visits

Feedback about CDs

Linda Gregson, a hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator, commented on the SOHP CDs she received as a donation to her organization.  She said, “The CDs are beautiful.  They were delivered into the rooms within 24 hours (of our receiving them).  That day I heard them being played.  The Native American music was being played in the nurses station to the joy of several people.  . . . We had one gentleman that was a vet and the family was so thankful for the patriotic CD.  They smiled as they talked about his love of his country and this music.”

We need your used CD players!

Several of the hospices and nursing homes that Sounds of Hope Project services with its CDs are in need of CD players. If anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio, area has a CD player at home that is in good condition that you would like to donate, please reply to this posting or send us an email.  Thank you.