Strings of Hope met with positive reactions

Sounds of Hope Project is very proud of the latest CD, “Strings of Hope.”  The music has been described as a “massage for the ears” and “like going to the spa.”                                 The album contains music featuring harp, violin guitar and an Irish fiddles group.

Musicians are:                                                                                                                                  Harpists – Sarah Schwartz & Melanie Brown                                                                                      Violinists – Chin Kim & St. Gerda Moehler                                                                                          Guitarist – Robert Gruca                                                                                                                          Irish “Clash of the Titans” group – Alyssa Schreiber, violin;  Erica Tompkins,  violin/bochran;  Elizabeth Crowe, cello/banjo;  Georgeann Trpiano, guitar

Strings of Hope has been distributed to many area nursing homes and hospices.  If you know of a facility or person  that you think would benefit from having this CD, please contact:  or call Mary Lou at 440 582 4350.

SOHP is hoping to produce a gospel CD next.