The Making of SOHP’s newest CD, “Rays of Hope” – Part 1 – The idea, style & performers

Mark Graham was tuning my Steinway Grand at my house in the fall of 2017. When he was finished tuning, he started playing an awesome fun piece that I had never heard. I asked him what he was playing. He told me that he enjoyed playing popular music of “yesteryear.” Hmm… and a germ of an idea starting growing for a new CD.

I had been working on some romantic and impressionistic piano pieces to possibly put together for a second piano CD for SOHP. The piece that I heard Mark play was a different genre but I felt that the two ‘worlds’ of piano literature might just work well together. ” Variety is the spice of life,” right?

So, I called Mark and presented my idea of “classical” meets “turn of the century popular program” music. I told him about SOHP’s mission of providing calming and/or uplifting music to those in need and he said, “Count me in!”

Mark is the current piano technician at BW (he is retiring at the end of thie 2019 school year.) He said that he could arrange to have us record this CD at Kulas Hall at the end of May, 2018.

We both knew Megan Poletti Kuhar who teaches Music Technology at BW and is the founder of Hey!Poletti Recordings LLC. Megan has recorded and mastered many of SOHP’s recordings in the past. Megan was on board for both the project and with recording Mark and I at Kulas.