The Making of SOHP’s newest CD, “Rays of Hope “- Part II – The actual recording session

Part II – Both Mark and I have selected our pieces for the CD. The recording date has been agreed upon, May 30th, & Megan is onboard with doing the recording. Mark and I are practicing daily to secure both the musical and technical elements of each piece.
Since I have neither performed at Kulas Concert Hall nor played on the grand piano on stage, I have requested a time the week before the scheduled recording to get use to the touch or action of the piano keys and the sound in the auditorium.
I am very pleased with the clarity of both the piano and the auditorium. But, of course, Mark is the piano technician at BW, and this is a Music Conservatory, so I shouldn’t be surprised at all that they both top notch. I play through my pieces and am relieved that the action is “just right” – not too hard and not too easy. The reverb in the auditorium is suburb.
The recording session day has arrived. Megan has set up about 4 rows back, front of and center of the piano. We have decided that Mark would go first. He is a “one take” wonder and Megan does not have to re-record very much.
However, outside of the building, heavy construction has begun for the day. Inside of the auditorium, a couple of songbirds have decided to nest. These two sources of noise do contribute to some retakes and Megan will also work her magic and somehow eliminate both the songbirds and the construction vehicles’ bangs and booms.
It is my turn to perform and I am enjoying this opportunity to play on this great piano and in this acoustic wonder of an auditorium.
We have finished in less than 3 hours, and Megan has recorded 17 pieces. All and all, it was a very successful recording session.