After the Making of “Rays of Hope”, What’s Next?

SOHP is a small but mighty non-profit. Its mission is to provide calming and/or uplifting recorded music to those in need, in particular those in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, shut-ins, bereavement groups, etc. So how do SOHP board members reach those in need once a CD is published?

Below are a few of SOHP’s avenues to “get the word out” about its CDs:

1) SOHP’s “Give and Get” donation program – For every $10 donation, one CD is given to a nursing home, hospice, etc. or someone in need. As SOHP’s ‘thank you’, the donor gets one CD of their choice.
2) SOHP’s trifold brochure – This marketing piece explains what SOHP is all about, accompanies every CD, and is placed in several offices around town.
3) Press Releases – When a new CD is released, we send the area newspapers press releases and hope to have an article printed in the newspapers.
4) Mailing CDs to institutions our donors specify or to people our donors have identified as people in need.
5) Calling the nursing homes, hospices, etc. that have received SOHP’s CDs in the past and asking if they would like additional CDs.
6) Offering to buy CD players for the institutions that have our CDs
7) Occasionally having a concert to help increase awareness of SOHP and announce the release of a new CD
8) Participating in the Christmas Craft Fair at a local church, St. Albert the Great – Playing our CDs and seeking donations at our table
9) Sending articles to the board’s alumni magazines when a new CD is released — With the goal to reach more people, we hope to get these articles published.
10) Encouraging word of mouth publicity among our friends, families, colleagues, fellow members of organizations to which we belong, etc.
11) Posting on Facebook

We welcome any ideas you might have to help SOHP reach its mission.