Sounds of Solace

Sounds of Solace CD Contents (Performers are in bold)

Benedictus avant le repas                                          C. le Jeune, arr. T.E. Cramer               Jesulien Suss                                                                 J.S. Bach, arr. T.E. Cramer

Oberlin Trombone Reunion Choir, Alumni, ’49 – ‘94

Suite No. III in D Minor                                              G.F. Handel

Mary Lou Spinner Lydecker, Piano, ‘74

Sonata in A minor for flute alone                             C.P.E. Bach
    Poco adagio

Greer Ellison, Flute, ‘74

Sonata in C Major, H. XVI:50                                  F.J. Hadyn

        Mary Lou Spinner Lydecker, Piano, ‘74

Sonata in E Minor                                                       G.P. Telemann

Betty Hunter Shultz, Oboe, ‘74

Martha Rohrbaugh Vivona, Cello, ‘75

Paul Utgoff, Harpsichord, ‘74

Romance in F, Opus 118, No. 5                                   J. Brahms                                            Intermezzo in A Minor, Opus 116, No. 2                  J. Brahms

Andrew Trechak, Piano, ‘73

Divertimento No. 3 in B flat Major, K. 439            W.A. Mozart

Paul S. Reed, Clarinet, ‘74

Jean Hansen Hein, Clarinet, ‘76

Janet Friedlander, Bassoon, ’73-’75

Scenes from Childhood                                                R. Schumann
  Almost Too Serious
   Child Falling Asleep

Deborah DeWolf Emery, Piano, ‘74

Three Equali ,  Andante                                   Beethoven                                                        In Stiller Nacht                                                   Schubert, arr. Cramer

 Oberlin Trombone Reunion Choir, Alumni, ’49 – ‘94

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