Keys to Peace

Keys to Peace Cover

Cover art: Keys to Peace

Performed by Mary Lou Lydecker, pianist:

Gavotte from French Suite No. 5, Johann Sebastian Bach

Bouree I, from French Overture, Johann Sebastian Bach

Bouree II, from French Overture, Johann Sebastian Bach

Courante, Georg Friedrich Handel

Musette from English Suite No. 2, Johann Sebastian Bach

Chaconne, Theme and Six Variations, Georg Friedrich Handel

Fantasie, Georg Friedrich Handel

La Joyeuse, Jean Philippe Rameau

Gigue En Rondeau, Jean Philippe Rameau

Allegro, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

Alla Polacca, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

The Juggler, Johann Philip Kirnberger

Allegro Scherzando, Joseph Haydn

German Dance, Joseph Haydn

Minuet, Joseph Haydn

Allegro Giocoso, Joseph Haydn

Minuet and Trio from Viennese Sonatina No.1, Wolgang Amadeus Mozart

Waltz, Wolgang Amadeus Mozart

Bagatelle Op. 119, N0.5, Ludwig van Beethoven

Three Landler, Franz Schubert

Five Ecossaises, Franz Schubert

Three Waltzes, Franz Schubert

Scherzo, Johann Nepomuk Hummel

Kamarinskaia (Russian Folk song), Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Polka, Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Waltz, Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

Elfin Dance, Edward Grieg

From a Story Book, Robert Volkmann

Valses Poeticos, Enrique Granados

Frolic, Op.17, No. 12, Max Reger

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