The Making of SOHP’s newest CD, “Rays of Hope” – Part IV

Graphic Designing and Kunaki Downloading –

Once the information for the entire CD is finalized, it is turned over to a graphic designer. Fortunately, one of our board members, Lauren Haas Amanfoh, owner of Royalton Music Center, graciously donates her graphic designer’s time and talents to the SOHP project.

SOHP uses Kunaki Production Company to produce the finished CD product. There are specific size requirements for the cover, inside information, the CD and the back title information. Also, all materials must be submitted in jpeg format. After the graphic designer has resized the materials to Kunaki’s correct specifications and has recreated them into jpeg, she sends all the files back to me. My job then is to download these files along with the music files onto the Kunaki site.

Downloading the written files is quite easy for me. However, I find downloading the music files the hardest. I struggle technically and often have to redo my downloads several times because of some simple problem or error. I allow a full day to this step and always double check that the music files have indeed been downloaded properly. Kunaki suggests ordering one sample CD to make sure everything is the way it should look and sound. (This is great advice. I once received a completed CD that looked great but had no music on the CD! My mistake, of course.)